Maintain the perfect work/life balance

Today’s world can be pretty hectic. And with the internet and mobile continually connecting us, workers are finding themselves more and more working outside of core hours and losing their work/life balance. So how can you bring your world into perfect harmony?

Plan your day and leave on time. Of course there will be times when a little flexibility is needed, but you should always aim to leave work on time and get yourself home for a break.

Leave the work at the office. Switch off all work devices when you leave if you can – checking your emails at 3am is not a good way to relax!

Work smart. Planning your day, hour by hour, means you’re likely to achieve more tasks during the day than you would without a plan.

Take your breaks. Make sure you take your allocated breaks at work, otherwise you might find yourself struggling to complete your tasks effectively.

Accept perfection isn’t always possible. Yes, we should strive to do our best at work, but it must be reasonable.

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Fuel saving tips for LGV drivers

Fuel continues to be a huge expense in the logistics sector, and as such it’s vital that LGV drivers remember to consider fuel efficiency when driving. Here’s our top tips!

Have you got cruise control? Cruise control is becoming more and more standard in LGVs, and for a good reason – computers can calculate correct speeds and efficient fuel consumption better than any human. So make good use of it!

Are you block changing? By block changing gears, say from second to forth gear, rather than working up through the gears, you’re absolutely improving your fuel efficiency – so make sure you’re block changing where safe and possible to do so!

Is your engine STILL running? Turn your engine off if you’re not moving anywhere – even if you’re trying to stay warm with the heating on! You’re eating up more fuel than you realise!

Are you feeling resistance? Fuel efficiency in LGVs in particular can suffer from resistance – there are easy ways to combat this, such as plotting less hilly routs for LGVs where possible.

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Look after your mental health during your job search

Finding a new job can be hugely stressful. There’s a lot of uncertainty and usually a lot riding on securing your dream job, so it’s easy to see how your mental health can struggle under the pressure. Here’s our top tips for making sure you look after yourself whilst on the job search.

Be clear on what to expect. It might take longer than you expect to hear back from a hiring manager on your CV, but try to be patient and try not to take it personally after submitting your CV – chances are there have been a number of applicants and it may take longer than expected for hiring managers to assess everyone in turn. And if you don’t hear anything after a couple of weeks, ask the hiring manager / recruiter for feedback – even if it’s not what you wanted to hear, the feedback provided could be helpful for your next application.

Give yourself a break. You can’t send all day, every day applying for jobs – schedule some time each day to research job openings and apply for roles, but take regular breaks and make the most of the fresh air outside!

There’s help out there. If you are struggling with the pressure of job seeking, or anything else, there’s support available. Contact your local Samaritans if you’d like the opportunity to talk to someone about what you’re going through, and your local JobCentre will be able to provide advice and support whilst you are job seeking.

Best of luck, and never give up!

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Make your warehouse eco friendly

Climate change is a huge issue for all of us, and we’ve all got to do our bit to protect the planet. So it’s time to start thinking – is your warehouse eco-friendly? Here’s our tops tips for going green in the warehouse, and at the same time improving your efficiency.

Go LED. LED lightbulbs require less electricity and therefore they are definitely greener, plus despite the upfront cost being a little bit higher, LED bulbs last much longer than the traditional halogens.

Check your packaging. It’s vital that your warehouse is using packaging that can be recycled – if not, your warehouse can create a lot of waste very quickly. It’s worth checking how much packaging you’re using to transport materials – some of it may not be necessary, therefore getting rid of it can be eco-friendly and more efficient.

It’s time to insulate. Proper insulation in your warehouse means that the temperature is more consistent throughout the year for your team, plus it will reduce the cost of your energy bills.

Get recycling! Make sure your team understand how to use the recycling facilities properly and ensure everyone recycles what they can!

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