Working varied shifts? Make sure you take care of yourself with these top tips

In many industries today, given the nature of the world we live in, lots of people work on varied shift patterns. It can be tricky to balance at times, but with these top tips below you can make sure you stay well and happy managing flexible working patterns.

How are you getting to work? If you are working outside of “normal” working hours, think about how you are commuting to work. You might be too tired to drive, so consider public transport or sharing driving responsibilities with a co-worker. Leave yourself plenty of time to get to and from work.

Think carefully about sleep. Try to find a sleeping routine that works according to your shift patterns and stick to it. Make sure your environment is suitable for sleeping where possible.

What are you eating? Try to avoid fast food where possible – although it’s tempting! Try having regular light meals or snacks, and always reach for the fresh foods where possible, including fruit and veg.

What about the coffee? It can be tempting to use coffee to keep you going. Try not to overdo it on the caffeine; using stimulants such as coffee can be helpful in small doses, but make sure you’re not having too much.

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What makes a great supply chain?

It’s a demanding world out there these days. B2C and B2B customers both expect a world class service when it comes to delivery, and there’s no room for anything but the best with so much competition out there. So what makes a great supply chain?

Data is key. The best way to guarantee an efficient supply chain is to use data to ensure productivity. Using data can ensure organisations identify any inefficiencies quickly to ensure a swift resolution.

Check the supply. Having too much or too little of any product can have a damaging impact on any organisation.

Is your supply chain flexible? In today’s market, demands change frequently and a successful supply chain has the means to be flexible in delivery.

Go green! The best supply chains are those that care about sustainability for the planet, and are consistently investing in new ways to use renewable energy and source products from sustainable sources.

Be compliant. A successful supply chain must adhere to legislation and protect its workers at all times.

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How to control your new job first day nerves!

It goes without saying that if you’re looking for a new job, you’re prepared for change. However, it can still be a bit nerve wracking starting a new job, in a new place with lots of new people! Here’s our top tips on controlling those first day nerves and making the best start you can in your new job!

Remind yourself about your new job. Keep the job description from your application process and remind yourself of the key roles and responsibilities in your new job, so you can start with a clear sense of your purpose. Remind yourself why you applied and why you said yes when you were offered the job!

You won’t know everything overnight. Yes, you might know how to do the job, but you won’t know how your new employer operates on a day to day basis, what everyone’s name is and even where the tea and coffee is kept! No one expects you to know all these things straight off.

Make a good impression. First impressions count – Try to introduce yourself to as many people as possible, ask questions where you’re not sure, be polite and professional and show the team what you can bring and why you were hired.

You won’t be new forever! Before you know it there will be a NEW new person joining the team – and you’ll be part of the furniture!

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It’s official! The UK’s top service stations

If you drive for a living across the country, it’s handy to know what makes a welcoming and well stocked service station, and where they are. So, in case you missed it, Which named the top 5 service stations across the UK – And here they are!

  1. Gloucester Services, Gloucestershire (M5)
  2. Tebay Services, Cumbria (M6)
  3. Cairn Lodge (M74)
  4. Norton Canes (M6)
  5. Wetherby (A1M)

Have you visited any of these service stations recently?

There are many features that make a god service station. Not only does the range of amenities available make a difference, but other factors such as levels of staffing can make a huge difference to the overall experience.

Long distance drivers should always aim to take regular breaks from driving – And the better the service station, the more satisfactory the break!

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