Driving Offences: What you need to know

If you drive for a living, your licence is of utmost importance, and driving offences can complicate matters. Here’s everything you need to know about what to do if you have or acquire a driving offence if you drive for a living.

What driving offence? There are a wide number of driving endorsements a driver can receive at any time, with the most common types of offences including speeding and driving through red lights. Adhere to the law at all times when driving; the best solution is to avoid getting any endorsements in the first place!

Be honest. If you drive for a living, it’s temping to lie about any endorsements – it’s vitally important that you be honest at all times. Lies could lead to insurance policies being invalidated which could have grave consequences. Plus it’s pointless; many companies can run checks on your licence and any endorsements will be revealed.

What does this mean? A driving offence doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t drive for a living any longer. Many organisations will take on drivers with limited or mild offences, depending on the circumstances, so keep applying – and always declare it!

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Why do customers get angry?

If you work in customer service or support consumers in your role, it’s likely you’ll have at least heard a story of a “bad customer”. We’ve all from time to time experienced frustrated customers, but usually there are simple reasons why customers lose their cool – and how it can be avoided or resolved. Here’s our top tips.

Don’t take up valuable time! Your customer is busy. If your systems are taking time or are inefficient, it’s understandable for your customer to get rattled. Make your systems efficient and stress free to ensure your customer can get on their merry way!

Your customer isn’t stupid. It’s no wonder customers get angry with being kept on hold for a long time with little explanation or blatant lies – Be honest if you can’t resolve a problem immediately, be patient and try to be as helpful as possible.

Be polite at all times! Customers get frustrated when they are treated badly or rudely. Whilst customer service can be challenging, you must stay professional at all times. No excuses!

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Top tips for keeping your forklift in perfect balance

Forklifts are an incredibly important and useful addition to any warehouse – but not properly loaded they can be incredibly dangerous. It’s vital that you avoid forklift overturns at all times – here’s our top tips.

Plan your load. Don’t overload the forklift and make sure you load it with care, spreading the load evenly. Consider the nature of the load as well, whether or not the product you’re carrying is stable – if not, you may need to adjust your driving.

Think about the environment. Check the condition of the surfaces you’ll be driving on before setting off, and note any slopes or changes to the surfaces so you can adjust your driving accordingly.

Keep it smooth. Lower your forks when driving to increase your stability and drive slowly and smoothly – keep a consistent speed and react to turning corners early to avoid any mistakes caused by late reactions.

Be safe. Wear a seatbelt and adhere to all safety measures at all times – if you’re not sure what they are, make sure you do your homework!

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Get noticed for your next promotion

Are you seeking a promotion at work, but just can’t seem to catch a break? With working life usually being pretty busy, it might seem that your efforts aren’t being recognised – here’s how to stand out from the crowd and line yourself up for your next promotion.

Keep an eye on the time. Punctuality is a must – always be on time for work, and if possible, why not event try to arrive early – show you’re keen and ready to work! You’re not expected to start early and work late every day, but show willing to go the extra mile when you’re most needed.

Be collaborative. Team work makes the dream work! Make it your business to support others in the team, and offer your help wherever it’s most needed. And make sure you prioritise your own tasks too!

Get proactive! Don’t restrict your work to the bare minimum – take on extra manageable work, show willing to try new projects, and go above and beyond when tight deadlines must be met.

Talk about your future. Have a clear open dialogue with your line manager, be clear you want to progress and ask for goals or targets.

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