Work with care this summer and prepare for high temperatures

It’s been a pretty good early summer so far in the UK, and indications show the good weather is set to continue. Whilst the warm weather is welcome, working in extreme temperatures can be dangerous for workers – Here’s how to make sure you stay safe whilst at work.

It goes without saying – Drink plenty of water! It’s easy to forget to stay hydrated when you’re busy at work, but not drinking enough water in high temperatures is dangerous. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times!

Complicating issues? The heat can be dangerous for anyone, but those with heart problems, high blood pressure and diabetes must take extra care in high temperatures – If that’s you, make sure you take any required medication as instructed, eat and rink at regular intervals and make sure you take your breaks.

Not as young as you once were? The heat can affect those aged 50 and over more so than those younger. Let your younger colleagues help where needed!

Feeling fatigued? Its’ normal to feel more tired than usual in constant high temperatures. The important thing is to be wary of pushing yourself too far; pushing your body beyond its capabilities in hot weather can lead to health complications.

And of course, if you work outside, stock up on sun cream!

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How to keep motivated in the warehouse

Warehouse work can be a fast paced and sometimes stressful and demanding environment. It’s vitally important work, and it is imperative that warehouse managers do everything in their power to keep the warehouse team happy and motivated. Take a look at our top tips below.

Keep it automated. The more a warehouse uses up to date technology the easier the workload will be for warehouse workers, which in turn goes a long way for morale.

It’s all about the rewards. If workers are well rewarded for high productivity, they’ll feel motivated to stay on top of their game and be well compensated.

Keep training regular. Hold training and refresher sessions regularly to give warehouse workers the opportunity to further their knowledge or ask questions is a great way to ensure people are motivated.

Are you safe? Warehouses that promote safe working conditions typically show their employees that they care and as a result are more efficient.

What about shifts? Keep shift patterns for warehouse workers as regular as possible to ensure they feel secure in their role.

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What to do when an interview doesn’t go well

It’s happened to us all – we’ve all had an interview where we’ve walked away thinking it didn’t go so well. Perhaps you didn’t answer the questions as well as you thought you could have or didn’t prepare correctly – but never fear! Here’s our top tips for turning around an interview fail.

Take time for yourself. Take a moment to do the things that help you to de-stress, and think about what went wrong, why and how you could have reacted differently. Don’t quickly react or jump to conclusions, it’s important to take time and think it through, so you can learn from your mistakes. Also take time to think about the bits that went right!

Get in contact. We always recommend sending a thank you email to the person who interviewed you if possible – which also provides an opportunity for you to elaborate on any additional points you’ve thought of that you didn’t say in the interview. It’s also an opportunity to express your interest in a second interview – and a second chance!

After that, relax, move on and keep searching – But you never know, you might just secure that second stage interview after all!

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Keep your forklift fleet fighting fit!

Forklifts are an essential part of any busy warehouse. To keep everything functioning, it’s vital that a healthy forklift fleet is well maintained – here’s our top tips.

Make maintenance routine. Everyone in the warehouse should adhere to routine maintenance of all forklifts, inside and out. Routine maintenance means potentially big forklift problems can be identified sooner rather than later, and forklifts beyond repair can be swiftly replaced without any big and costly surprises.

Monitor fleet usage. Are you using all forklifts to their full extent, or are you perhaps under using or even over using your forklifts? By monitoring how and when each unit is used, you can build up an effective picture of what your warehouse needs in terms of a healthy forklift fleet.

Keep up with training! Make sure all of your forklift operators have the training they need to use their equipment and keep it in top condition.

By keeping on top of your forklift fleet health, warehouses can ensure continued productivity in a fast paced and demanding environment.

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