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Tips for managing the interview panel

Interviews can be tough, but being interviewed by a panel can be even more daunting. How can you ensure you perform for your best for the panel?

Do you research! If you’re able to find out the names of those interviewing you, try to find out a little bit more about them and their role in the organisation. LinkedIn is the perfect tool for this type of research!

Prepare but don’t memorise. Preparing answers is fine, but don’t plan your answers word for word; it won’t seem natural to the panel and if you forget part of your answer you could struggle further into the interview.

Engage the panel. Even if one person is asking the questions, try to make eye contact and deliver your answers to everyone present.

Remember your body language! From the moment you step in the room you’ll be giving off signals; remember to smile and keep your shoulders back, and again be open to all of the members on the panel.

Remember the plus side. Although a panel of interviewers can be nerve-wracking, with more people meeting you at the first stage interview it’s likely a decision can be made quicker – which means no second stage interview!

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Why are SMEs so successful in logistics?

The logistics industry has never had more demands on it than now. With personalisation and a demand for an excellent customer experience non-negotiable, companies need to be more competitive than ever. And SMEs have the upper hand!

SMEs are able to be more agile than larger logistics organisations, and therefore can respond to gaps in the market quickly. This can be a significant advantage to smaller organisations in the supply chain.

By choosing a niche, SMEs are almost able to guarantee continued demand for their services, which in today’s turbulent market is hugely advantageous.

Given the desire by consumers to have an excellent customer experience, SMEs are in a much better position to offer a personalised touch to their customers – who in turn will tell their associates of the excellent service they received.

As new technology becomes more readily available, again the agile nature of SMEs means that they can take advantage of this new technology more easily than their larger counterparts and continue to improve their services.

It looks like in today’s industry it’s time for the SME to thrive!

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