How are forklifts improving for the modern warehouse?

There’s no denying why forklifts are a vital tool for our warehouses, and the good news is they are improving all the time. So what improvements can we expect to see in forklifts this year?

New forklift designs are saving time and getting easier to use. Palm steering systems, double pedal systems and dual joysticks are making forklift operators lives easier when it comes to driving up efficiency. You might also find adjustable and lower seating and other flexible options on new forklifts.

It’s all about space. Warehouses need space efficiency, that’s a given – and designers are working on developing forklifts that can stack more effectively and maximise space. With the improvement of technology comes the ability to streamline design of forklifts too, meaning trucks need less space for manoeuvring.

Electric is the future. The growing efficiency of electric forklift trucks means we’ll see far more electric vehicles in the future, rather than gas or petrol/diesel models. Electric forklifts are much more environmentally friendly meaning they meet the needs of growing warehouse sustainability.

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Step Up your Job Search Today

There are plenty of ways to search and find a job, but with job searching being a big task, how can jobseekers ensure they go about it the right way? Read our top suggestions below.

Use job boards in their entirety. Not only can you use the online job boards to search for all jobs available, most offer tailoring solutions to target your search effectively, so you can search for jobs based on salary, location, education level, and more. Plus you can set up daily email alerts, so the job adverts you’re looking for are sent straight to your inbox. Perfect!

What’s the job title? You may be searching for a specific role, but bear in mind that different companies may name a similar or same job role in different ways. Consider this in your search to make sure you don’t miss that perfect opportunity.

What sector? When filling in your profile on a job board site, make sure you don’t limit your preferred sectors, as this could lead to your CV being overlooked when hiring managers or recruiters search for CVs. Keep it broad.

Adjust as necessary. You may find that your searches can lead to irrelevant results, or that a search stops bringing up the type of jobs you’re looking for. Make sure you adjust your searches accordingly so you don’t miss out.

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