Stand out and step up your job search

There are plenty of ways to search and find a job, but with job searching being a big task, how can jobseekers ensure they go about it the right way? Find out below.

Use job boards in their entirety. Not only can you use the online job boards to search for all jobs available, most offer tailoring solutions to target your search effectively, so you can search for jobs based on salary, location, education level, and more. Plus you can set up daily email alerts, so the job adverts you’re looking for are sent straight to your inbox. Perfect!

What’s the job title? You may be searching for a specific role, but bear in mind that different companies may name a similar or same job role in different ways. Consider this in your search to make sure you don’t miss that perfect opportunity.

What sector? When filling in your profile on a job board site, make sure you don’t limit your preferred sectors, as this could lead to your CV being overlooked when hiring managers or recruiters search for CVs. Keep it broad.

Adjust as necessary. You may find that your searches can lead to irrelevant results, or that a search stops bringing up the type of jobs you’re looking for. Make sure you adjust your searches accordingly so you don’t miss out.

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Forklift Driver Shortage – Start your Forklift Driving career TODAY!

There’s been lots of coverage on the news about the HGV driver shortage – but unfortunately there’s also a shortage of forklift drivers too at the same time, meaning even more of the supply chain is under pressure.

Forklift drivers are in demand more than ever before due to a variety of reasons, and this demand is likely to continue as demand for a fast-paced supply chain grows. As we know, forklifts are a vital component of every warehouse, and without an adequate number of forklift drivers’ warehouses can’t operate at full capacity.

Whilst this all sounds a bit bleak, the good news is that the demand for forklift operators means that a career in forklift operation is a stable career path offering excellent benefits. The rise in wages means that if you’re considering a career change into forklift operation, now is the time. Flexistaff also works with the Forklift Truck Training Centre, who can provide all the forklift training you’ll need to kick start your career today.

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What to do when an Interview goes badly

We’ve all come out of an interview at some point in our lives wishing the ground would swallow us up! It can be hard to take when an interview doesn’t go to plan – So what should you do when an interview goes badly?

Relax! Immediately after you must give yourself some time to relax and de-stress. Spend some time doing the things you enjoy and try to take your mind off it for a while.

Assess the situation. Try to consider what went wrong in the interview, and try not to overreact – mistakes happen, and those mistakes that seem big to you might not in reality be that significant to others.

Take time to learn. Once you’ve considered your mistakes, learn from them. Plan what you’ll do differently next time, but also remember the positives too.

Follow it up. Send an email to your interviewer, thanking them for their time and adding in any points you think you may have missed in the interview – but keep it brief and to the point.

Keep on going. Don’t give up on your job search – keep looking for that ideal opportunity!

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Have you got what it takes to work in a warehouse?

Working in a warehouse can be challenging at times. It’s a fast paced, highly pressured environment, which demands a wide range of skills. So might you be suited to working in a warehouse?

Adaptability is key. Warehouse work means you’ll likely find yourself in a variety of different environments, both hot and cold, inside and outside. Good warehouse workers are prepared to adapt to changing environments and demands.

Don’t forget the customer. Warehouse work might seem behind the scenes, away from the customer, but there’s times where you’ll need to be customer facing, representing your company. Make sure you’re ready to offer great customer service where needed.

Do you have problem solving skills? Whilst warehouse work can seem fairly consistent, with consumers becoming ever more demanding you may find new challenges when it comes to delivering a service. Good problem-solving skills and imitative are a must.

Think training. Whilst most companies offer training, good warehouse workers ensure their training is up to date at all times, so make sure you’re compliant, because it’s your responsibility to be safe too.

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