Is your warehouse prepared for an injury?

The warehouse is a busy, fast paced environment, and mistakes can happen at any time. Injuries will happen, but it’s vital that you prepare to avoid any injuries and you’re ready with the best response when someone has an accident. Here’s our top tips.

Make sure your team is protected. The best way to manage an injury is to avoid one! Make sure everyone has the correct protective equipment according to their role and adheres to the company health and safety procedures at all times. Is everyone aware of health and safety? Make sure everyone has the correct training!

Is your warehouse well equipped? Make sure there’s enough first aid equipment accessible across the warehouse for if the time comes. Additionally, emergency equipment should be available and regularly inspected – make sure your warehouse is ready for an emergency with fire extinguishers and other necessary emergency equipment.

Get planning! Make sure your warehouse has a clear procedure for when things go wrong, and make sure it is well known and rehearsed by everyone in the team. It’s vital that when the time comes people are prepared!

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How can you plan for career progression?

It’s important to be ambitious in your career, and having a plan in place to progress your career can be a great way to develop at work. So how can you improve your chances for career progression and promotion?

What’s their perception? It’s good to try and understand how people perceive you at work, and whether or not you need to adapt the way you approach your work to be as effective as possible.

Be proactive. If opportunities for training and development come your way, make sure you volunteer. If these opportunities are few and far between, ask your line manager for more opportunities to develop.

Make your voice heard. If you have an opinion on how your team can work better and more effectively, speak up. Don’t wait for someone else to take the spotlight!

Consider all feedback. Any and all feedback can be useful to you – good or bad. Take it on board and learn from it.

Explore what’s out there. Opportunities for progression may not always exist with your current employer – if you’re ambitious, see what other opportunities are out there!

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Stay fit and healthy on your next work shift

If you work for an organisation operating 24 hours a day, it’s likely you’ll find yourself working different shifts each week. Shift work can be challenging and it’s vital you stay fit and healthy. Here’s how.

Think about your food. Smaller, more frequent meals will ensure that you remain well energised, and by preparing your meals before your shift and bringing your own food to work you can ensure you make healthy choices, boosting your energy and ensuring you’re more effective and feeling well whilst at work.

What are you drinking? It can be tempting to rely on coffee to get you through the final hours of your shift, however if you do you might find it difficult to wind down once you’re home. It’s best to stick to drinking water, to make sure you remain hydrated.

To exercise or not to exercise? It’s important that you take proper breaks whilst working, and you should make sure you sit whilst you are eating. When you’re not eating, light exercise on breaks can be beneficial to a healthy body and mind; take a walk outside during your break and enjoy the fresh air!

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How to overcome work place problems

Let’s face it, we all face problems at work now and then. But more often than not, there’s a way of overcoming those issues – Here’s some solutions to the most common work place concerns.

You’ve made a mistake! Mistakes can happen, we are all human after all! When you make a mistake, it’s vital you own up to it and try to rectify it. Ignoring it will only make matters worse. Explain what happened to your manager and make it right.

You’ve fallen out with a work colleague. The important thing here is to be polite and professional at all times. At the end of the day, you don’t have to like everyone, but you do have to work with people professionally. If you feel bullied, speak to your manager immediately.

You’re not being recognised. Do you feel like you’re going above and beyond and no one is noticing? Don’t be afraid to highlight your achievements and successes – And you might find yourself in line for a promotion!

You’re struggling with the workload. It’s time you learnt to say no! If you’re struggling with your workload, speak to your manager immediately and explain the situation. There’s always a solution!

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