How can you plan for career progression?

It’s important to be ambitious in your career, and having a plan in place to progress your career can be a great way to develop at work. So how can you improve your chances for career progression and promotion?

What’s their perception? It’s good to try and understand how people perceive you at work, and whether or not you need to adapt the way you approach your work to be as effective as possible.

Be proactive. If opportunities for training and development come your way, make sure you volunteer. If these opportunities are few and far between, ask your line manager for more opportunities to develop.

Make your voice heard. If you have an opinion on how your team can work better and more effectively, speak up. Don’t wait for someone else to take the spotlight!

Consider all feedback. Any and all feedback can be useful to you – good or bad. Take it on board and learn from it.

Explore what’s out there. Opportunities for progression may not always exist with your current employer – if you’re ambitious, see what other opportunities are out there!

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