Are you ready to answer these interview questions?

Some interview questions seem straightforward. Some seem totally irrelevant and difficult to answer! Here’s some common interview questions – and how best to answer them…

Why should we hire you for the job? The key here is to link your experiences to the needs of the role, without where possible turning it into a sales pitch about yourself.

Tell me about yourself… A question that’s (worryingly) open. Keep it brief – a 2 or 3 minute overview of your experience and background is definitely more than enough.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Again, this is another question widely open to interpretation. You should tailor your response to the needs of the organisation, and demonstrate your passion and ambition for progression.

Why did you leave your last job? The key here is to NEVER criticise your previous employer. Be positive and talk about how you’d like to progress or develop.

What are your weaknesses? It’s normal to have weaknesses, everyone has them! When answering this question, name your weakness AND what you’ve done to try and improve on it.

Do you have any questions? YES, without a doubt – Ask questions demonstrating your interest in the role and company.

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What NOT to do when operating a forklift

Forklifts are paramount to every warehouse – but used irresponsibly they can be hugely dangerous. Here’s a list of the things you should definitely not do when operating a forklift!

Forget or skip inspections. Conducting regular forklift inspections is vital to keeping a forklift working, but also keeping them safe. Inspections should be both visual, checking the forklift looks in top shape, but also operational too. Skipping forklift checks can endanger both forklift operators and warehouse pedestrians.

Lack of attention – and horseplay! It’s easy for operators to forget simple things like checking their surroundings before moving their forklift but it can be very dangerous – just as horseplay and fooling around rather than paying attention can be damaging too.

Speeding. Easily done when forklift operators are under pressure to deliver, but simply not worth it. A split-second decision to break the rules can have devastating consequences.

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How to ace your next video interview

Post 2020 and life in lockdown we’re working more remotely that ever before, with video interviews becoming more common than they once were. Here’s our top tips for acing your next video interview.

Don’t get interrupted! Find a quite space at home where you can log on for your interview. Make sure the space is light, and if you can try to keep the space behind you clear and free of any personal items or information.

Test in advance. Check your computer is suitable for running the chosen video technology for your interview, and test your camera and speakers / microphone in advance to make sure everything is in working order!

Take it seriously. You should prep in the same way as you normally would for an interview, and make sure you dress to impress! Be personable and energetic.

Be ready for glitches. If you can’t hear your interviewer properly, let them know and work with them to adjust the equipment until everything is working correctly. If the video drops at any point, don’t panic! Make sure you have a contact number of the interviewer in advance so you can call them if necessary.

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