Get your mojo back – Today!

Working is a huge part of our day to day lives, and sometimes, with our busy world around us, it’s hard to remember what we enjoy about our work. A positive attitude means great productivity, contentment and personal progression – so how can workers make sure they get their mojo back?

Surround yourself with positivity. Spend your time with those in your team who are passionate, positive and eager to make a difference – and who appreciate the role you play at work. There’s no better way to feel motivated when you’re in a motivated team!

Make time for yourself. Whilst at work, work hard certainly, but make the most of your downtime too, to ensure the perfect work/life balance.

What’s good about your job? When things are challenging, remind yourself why you applied for the role in the first place. If you had to sell your role to someone else, what are the positives you’d share?

Offer a helping hand. If you’ve been in your job for a while, why not offer support to new workmates joining the industry? There’s no greater reward than helping someone along their way, and it’ll give you a great feeling of purpose.

Keep learning. Find opportunities to grow your knowledge in your chosen industry; by finding new opportunities and ways to grow, your passion for your chosen industry will only grow with you!

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You know you work in a warehouse when…

Here at Flexistaff over the years we have supported countless warehouse operatives in finding new work. Working in a warehouse is fast paced and hard work and a hugely important role in any supply chain. We also know the quirks of working in warehouse…so here’s a few, just for fun!

You know you work in a warehouse when…

You can instantly name an item by the stock code, even if you don’t know what it is

You sometimes find yourself having more conversations with the stock and equipment than your team mates

You can tell the pallet jacks apart, and have a favourite

Conversation and working go hand in hand and you can do both with ease

No one but you knows how to pack a box correctly

You crush cardboard boxes before throwing them out, in every part of your life

The hand cart belongs to you, and others must ask permission to use it. No excuses.

Like any job, working in a warehouse doesn’t come without it’s quirks, and we salute our hard working warehouse operatives! What other quirks have you noticed whilst working in a warehouse?

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How to boost your health when working the night shift

In today’s 24/7 world, many people all over the country work changeable shifts and many choose to work overnight. It can be a difficult change and it’s important that night shift workers stay healthy, so how can you make sure you’re fit for work when working the night shift?

Keep it consistent. Continuously changing your working pattern too much can have some side effects, so if you prefer to work the night shift, try to stick to it where possible.

Make time for a power nap. Night shift workers typically head straight to bed once they’ve finished work, unlike those working the 9-5. This means that, as it’s more difficult to sleep during the day, night shift workers can sometimes be awake a long time before their shift starts. Try to split your sleeping pattern and if possible aim to catch a few hours’ sleep before your shift starts.

Put down the coffee! Many people use caffeine to get through the day, but for those working overnight it can have a huge impact on their sleeping pattern. Night time workers are likely to grab a coffee towards the end of their shift when they are feeling most tired, meaning when they get home and try to sleep it’s even more difficult than normal. Leave well alone!

Change your lights. Black out curtains are a must for those working the night shift; it may not seem very significant, but too much light can dramatically affect the quality of sleep, so make sure the daylight is kept at bay!

Stay healthy. Eat little and often and eat well. Although it’s night time, breakfast, lunch and dinner are a must!

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Work safe in the Warehouse

Working in a warehouse is a busy, fast paced job. It’s vital work, often including tight deadlines, but it’s crucial that you stay safe whilst working as a warehouse operative. Here’s how.

Get your safety gear on! Posters should advise you of what protective equipment you should be wearing when you’re working; make sure you wear the required equipment at all times – the signs are up there for a reason!

Get rid of hazards. If you see any items, stock or equipment left in an unsafe place, don’t just walk on by. Make sure you move the items to a safe place to avoid any tripping hazards.

Be a safe lifter. Lifting heavy boxes without due diligence is easily done but can have huge consequences to your health. Adhere to the correct manual handling procedure, take your time, and make sure the area is clear before you attempt the lift.

Always promote awareness. Make sure your training is up to date and ensure you inform your colleagues of any concerns you have to make sure they stay safe too.

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