Work safe in the Warehouse

Working in a warehouse is a busy, fast paced job. It’s vital work, often including tight deadlines, but it’s crucial that you stay safe whilst working as a warehouse operative. Here’s how.

Get your safety gear on! Posters should advise you of what protective equipment you should be wearing when you’re working; make sure you wear the required equipment at all times – the signs are up there for a reason!

Get rid of hazards. If you see any items, stock or equipment left in an unsafe place, don’t just walk on by. Make sure you move the items to a safe place to avoid any tripping hazards.

Be a safe lifter. Lifting heavy boxes without due diligence is easily done but can have huge consequences to your health. Adhere to the correct manual handling procedure, take your time, and make sure the area is clear before you attempt the lift.

Always promote awareness. Make sure your training is up to date and ensure you inform your colleagues of any concerns you have to make sure they stay safe too.

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