Products to revolutionise your warehouse

Warehouses are busy places and quite simply there are products that your warehouse cannot do without. Make sure your warehouse is efficient by investing in some of these must have items.

Pallet Rack – What warehouse could do without one? Pallet racks maximise the vertical space of your warehouse, and makes storing your products more efficient than ever before. Also, with fewer items on the floor, your warehouse will not only be organised more efficiently, but it will be safer.

Wire Containers. There are countless benefits to using wire containers. Not only are they durable and stackable, offering a space saving solution, they also give you the advantage of being able to identify your products quickly.

Steel Shelving. An all purpose solution to any warehouse, steel shelving is a space saving must have for storage. They are strong and offer an efficient way to view your products quickly. They can be used in conjunction with other storage solutions or alone, and are usually easy to install.

Steel containers. Do you specialise in heavy duty items? Steel containers provide the safety your workers need against heavy items, are stackable and can stand the test of time when storing heavy duty items.

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Keep your Forklift working this winter

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, almost. Although perhaps not for forklifts – to avoid any sticky situations in your warehouse, take a look at our top tips on keeping your forklift working this winter.

Start at the heart. The cold weather can cause a drain on your forklift batteries, so make sure they’re regularly checked. Hydraulics can seize in the cold weather too, so make sure they are well lubricated at all times! Always remember to test the antifreeze levels too.

Is your forklift safe? Winter can cause slippery surfaces – make sure your tyres are well cared for and kept at the right pressure. The tread should be checked regularly to make sure you’ve got great grip! Additionally, fully functioning lights in darker days are vital to ensure everyone is kept safe – check them regularly.

Get everyone on board. Your team may need a few helpful reminders about operating a forklift in winter – Make sure everyone is aware of how to efficiently safety check their equipment and key safety measure to ensure there aren’t any accidents.

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What are the top skills employers are looking for?

When you’re job searching, it’s vital you demonstrate your skill sets, and how they match with the needs of your potential new employer. Whilst this can be varied, there are certain core skillsets every employer is seeking – here’s the skill sets you should be promoting and focussing on when job searching.

Leadership. You might not think that leadership skills are relevant to you if your role doesn’t include line management, but this isn’t the case. Leadership on projects and problem solving, demonstrating the ability to lead where required, is a must.

Problem Solving. Identifying problems is fine, but you need to demonstrate the skills to be able to solve problems and come up with solutions.

Personal skills. You need to be an effective communicator, able to build working relationships with colleagues and customers as required. Good communication is a must!

Motivation. Of course people are motivated to work according to salary, but employers want to see you’re motivated by other factors too, such as career progression and personal development.

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