Tips for staying fit and healthy behind the wheel

Driving for a living is a hugely rewarding career, but it’s vital that drivers make sure they take care of themselves in this sometimes fast paced and pressured environment. Read our top tips below for staying fit and healthy on the road.

Eat well and often. With all those service stops, the opportunity for fast food is everywhere – not good for long distance driving! Eat a meal heavy in fibre and protein before you hit the road, and take plenty of healthy snacks with you to enjoy on your journey. Snacking in the right way has huge benefits, and will keep drivers well nourished, full of energy and in good spirits.

Think exercise. It’s so important that drivers find the time for exercising before driving and in breaks to the journey. Even a small amount of exercise will keep drivers in top shape and give a big boost to energy levels.

Keep it social. Driving for a living can sometimes be lonely, so keeping contact safely with friends and family via social media channels or by phone can ease the loneliness and keep up morale. Even using audio books or the radio to fill the silence can make all the difference.

Rest when you need to. Although those who drive for a living are well experienced in the art of driving, it is so important that drivers take a rest from the road regularly.

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