Name That Forklift!

Given the warehouse is a diverse place, it’s not hugely surprising that we often find different types of forklift in operation. So what are the different types of forklifts and what is their purpose?


The most common type of forklift, the forks are fitted at the front of the truck and are fairly straightforward to operate. They can be petrol, diesel or electrically operated. Some designs are 3 wheel, meaning that the truck has maximum manoeuvrability.

Reach Truck

Reach truck forklifts are designed to reach into racking and as such can lift significant weights to great heights whilst working in a small warehouse environment if necessary. They work best inside on even surfaces, due to their low under-carriage.

Pump Truck

Hand and power pallet trucks are used to move products fitted to pallets in the warehouse. They work best on smooth surfaces and are an easy way to move products quickly.


Sideloaders, as the name suggests, pick up loads from the side, and are particularly effective at handling long or wide products.

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