Drive Safely in the Rain – Our Top Tips

Clearly based in the UK the one thing you can expect from the weather is rain. For those who drive for a living, it’s important that they remain safe whilst on the road during rainy conditions. Here’s how.

Slow down! The speed limit is designed for ideal conditions – rain is certainly not ideal. Your braking distance will be increased – stay safe and slow down, leaving plenty of space between yourself and the vehicle in front.

Headlights? There’s no harm in putting your headlights on if visibility is low – and rain can sometimes bring darker conditions. So shine a light!

Watch out for hydroplaning. The technical term for losing grip of the road, it’s more likely you’ll experience this in the rain. If you start to hydroplane, lift your foot off the accelerator and steer straight.

Stay alert. It’s easy to drive almost subconsciously, especially if you’re driving along a known route – make sure you stay alert at all times.

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Most common forklift operation mistakes

Forklift operation mistakes can be very costly. Regular training and maintenance can go a long way to preventing mistakes when operating your forklift, but also having a good understanding of the sort of mistakes that can be made and their consequences is important too – here’s our list of mistakes to watch out for.

The load – Loads that are too heavy or unsecured can be a real danger to both those operating the forklift and pedestrians. Make sure you know exactly how much weight your forklift can take and always secure the load properly.

Get inspecting! Missing inspections and maintenance on your forklift can be very costly, leading to broken vehicles way before their time. Make sure forklifts are regularly inspected and train teams to make sure they check their vehicles regularly.

Lack of care. It’s vital that forklift operators use their equipment properly – Speeding can be hugely dangerous for pedestrians, as well as a lack of attention to surroundings. Forklift operators must be diligent at all times, paying attention to signage and safe routes.

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Why is January a great time to start job hunting?

How’s 2024 treating you so far? We’re already a week or so into January, and it’s a vital time (if you haven’t done so already) to get your job search back on track. But why is January such a good time for job hunting?

It’s a fresh start! Companies have different priorities in December (running up to Christmas) and usually hiring isn’t one of them. After the slump of Christmas, hiring managers usually come back to the office in January ready to kick start their recruitment drive.

Hello Budget 2024! Many hiring managers will be enjoying the benefits of a new budget for the new year, giving them the flexibility to hire – it’s likely you’ll find multiple job openings from organisations waiting for their new hiring budgets to kick in!

The process is quicker. It’s unlikely that many people will be on leave after taking a break at Christmas, meaning decision makers are all in the office together and able to make quick hiring decisions, which is important in today’s competitive market.

So what are you waiting for?

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How to be an effective delivery driver this Christmas

The festive season is once again upon us and this Christmas, more than ever, there’s a huge demand for delivery drivers. A fast paced and important role, it’s so important that delivery drivers are efficient and effective when going about their deliveries – here’s our top tips to be an effective delivery driver.

Let’s start with the driving. Delivery drivers must have excellent driving experience and skills, with a good driving record and correct licence. If you’re working in a specific area, get to know the location and keep up to date with any roadworks or changes.

Communication is key. Whilst much of your day will be spent on the road alone, excellent communication skills are a must. Whether it’s communicating with your head office, or answering queries and concerns by customers, always be clear and go the extra mile when trying to communicate.

Keep an eye on the details. Being aware of traffic trends or disruptions that could cause a delay. Also pay attention to your vehicle – any changes in handling or sounds could indicate trouble down the line, so get it checked out!

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What perks do employees really want?

Many organisations offer a package of employee benefits to their workers, offering a wide range of different perks. But what are the benefits that really make workers tick?

It’s clear that perks make a difference. Yes, many employees seek a good salary that pays the bills, but jobs that come with exclusive benefits do make a difference to employee happiness and motivation.

Free tea and coffee is a simple benefit that is hugely popular amongst employees. Other popular benefits include casual dress codes and shopping discounts.

From recent research, it was found that 1 in 5 employees receive no employee perks at all, demonstrating that even though perks are found to keep workers motivated and loyal many companies still don’t offer any.

Good and accessible employee benefits schemes can make a huge difference to an organisation. A company that has a motivated and positive workforce naturally becomes more effective, productive and profitable. So it pays to look after employees!

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Why do daily checks matter for forklifts?

Keeping your forklift in top shape is important. But to some, daily checks of equipment can feel like a bit too much. Don’t be one of those people! Daily checks are hugely important – Here’s why.

There are two main aims of daily checks – safety and maintenance.

Skipping your daily checks, even if it costs you lots of time, is a false economy. If you don’t conduct daily checks  and therefore miss catastrophic problems with your forklift, you could find yourself on a member of your team in trouble. Damaged or broken forklifts can lead to accidents and in the long term larger repair bills or replacement costs.

A simple daily check of your equipment can prevent a lot of pain in the future.

Follow your forklift manufacturers instructions for conducting an effective daily check. Each model is different so make sure you attend to your forklift according to the needs of the manufacturer.

Most importantly, you must insist on regular training. It may feel unnecessary to some who have already experienced forklift training, but refreshers and reminders are vital to ensuring success, especially as best practise can be updated at any time.

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Job Searching: The Frustrations

Job searching can be tough sometimes. Often there’s a lot of competition, and sometimes job seekers are unfortunately left confused and frustrated. So what are the biggest job seeking frustrations, and how can you overcome them?

Experience? Job seekers looking for their first job or those looking to change careers can sometimes feel that they need experience, to get experience! Our solution? Consider volunteer work or temporary work to gain some career experience, and apply again!

The competition. Sometimes companies will have hundreds of applicants for a vacancy and job seekers can sometimes feel that the personal touch is taken out of the recruiting process, as well as feeling they don’t stand a chance. Job seekers should consider what makes them unique and how their skills match the job role.

No feedback? If there are a number of applicants, job seekers may find that feedback is slow or non-existent. There’s no reason, however, why job seekers can’t ask for feedback!

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Driving Abroad: What you need to know

As a long-distance driver, it’s likely you’ll be required to drive in other countries during your career. Seems simple enough but it’s vital you prepare properly for driving in a new country. Here’s our top tips.

Are you on the “right” side of the road? It may seem obvious but if you’re having to drive on a different side of the road than you are used to it can be strange and disorientating. Make sure you concentrate and take extra care when having to overtake other vehicles if appropriate.

What are the rules? Don’t assume that the country you’re driving in follows the same rules as the UK – make sure you’ve checked the relevant highway code and you’re aware of any differences in road rules that you should be aware of.

Plan in advance. Consider your journey in advance and have a think about any stops you might need to make in your route. Whether it be to re-fuel or take a rest, it’s best to plan your stops in advance when in an unfamiliar environment.

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How to deal with interview stress

The things about job searching is that it inevitably results in interviews. Interviewing is a vital part of the job-hunting process; unfortunately you can’t get around it, and it can leave people feeling anxious. If you feel stressed about your next interview, take a look at our top tips for managing your anxiety here.

Take a step back. Concentrate on slowing your breathing and pay attention to your body language; sit up straight, maintain eye contact and try not to seem restless.

Remind yourself about the positives. There’s a reason you’ve been invited to interview – because the hiring manager thinks you might have the skills and experiences needed for the role in question. That’s a good start!

Make sure you’re prepared. Think about your answers in advance to typical interview questions and make sure you’ve taken the time to research the organisation thoroughly.

It’s a two way conversation. You’re making sure this job and organisation is right for you, just as much as your interviewer is assessing your suitability for the role too.

Don’t overdo it on the coffee! A nice cup of coffee might feel like the thing you need to focus your mind but don’t have too much. Caffeine can increase your heart rate and leave you feeling more anxious than before.

Good luck with your next interview!

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