Is it time to replace your forklift?

With the warehouse usually being incredibly busy, the need for a replacement forklift can sometimes be overlooked. It’s important to replace forklifts when they need to be as soon as possible however to ensure no time and money is lost. Here’s the signs to watch out for.

What’s the maintenance cost per hour? If you’re finding that maintenance costs for your forklift is starting to creep up, it’s time to consider a replacement. Even a newer model, with the upfront cost, will ultimately be cheaper than growing maintenance costs on an older model.

Is it working – every time? Typically as forklifts become older they experience malfunctions, such hydraulic lifts and forks malfunctions. If these problems are becoming more regular, it’s time to look for something new – Not only will you save money on repairs everyone working in the warehouse will be safer too.

How often are you using it? Do you find the same forklift is left standing still more often than not? Chances are that’s because it’s not effective and therefore needs to be replaced.

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The do’s and don’ts of handing in your notice

It’s inevitable that once you’ve secured a brand new job you’ll have to hand in your notice to your current employer. People can find this difficult and sometimes don’t know the best way to go about this – take a look at our top tips below.

Speak to your employer face to face. If you don’t share the news face to face it can seem dismissive, so make sure you schedule time with your employer and deliver the news in person.

Offer your support. Your employer more than likely will need to hire a new person as your replacement, so where possible offer your help in the hiring and training process. Continue to support your colleagues and remain on task.

Be prepared for the counter offer. Your employer may ask you to stay, offering more money and better prospects. Consider this carefully; more often than not accepting a counter offer isn’t a good idea, so make sure you know what you want and how you will respond to this.

Keep it friendly. You never know if or when you might meet old colleagues or managers again throughout your career, so stay friendly and helpful during your last few weeks in employment – at the very least, your current employer will be asked for a reference!

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How to secure a top Christmas Temp Job

It’s that time of year! Well, nearly – but Christmas planning is starting early this year, and many employers are already recruiting for Christmas. Here’s how to make the most of your Christmas job search.

Start NOW! Yes, Christmas might seem ages away, especially if you still need to start your Christmas shopping, but now is the time to apply. Companies are hiring right now for Christmas temps so get yourself out there!

Flexibility is key. Christmas is a busy and demanding time for most organisations. Try to be as flexible as possible for potential new employers – You’ll find you’ll be snapped up in no time!

Pay attention to your application. A Christmas temp job might seem unimportant, but think of the possibilities – it could lead to something permanent in the new year! So make sure you spend time crafting and tailoring your application to each vacancy.

Not much experience? Christmas is a great time to apply for something temporary and get some experience in the world of work.

Be organised. Hiring for Christmas can be fast paced; bringing ID with you to an interview might be useful to a potential new employer. For more information about our latest vacancies, or to find out how we can support your business, contact Flexistaff on 0844 556 2916 or

How to handle the Second Stage Interview

Second stage interviews are becoming a popular part of the hiring process, and job seekers need to be aware of what they are, why they are necessary and how to manage them effectively. Here’s how!

Why a second interview? Typically, a first interview is to assess your experience, skills and personalities against the vacancy. The second stage interview may also cover some of these aspects, but really it’s to see what makes you stand out from the other candidates.

Second stage interviews are slightly different from first stage interviews in format. It’s likely you’ll be asked more about your salary expectations and offered a tour around the working environment.

Job seekers must ensure they are well prepared for a second stage interview, just as if it’s the first interview. It’s best to research the organisation again ahead of your second stage interview, as well as prepare some questions to ask at the end of the interview.

Second stage interviews are a good sign for job seekers – but it’s vital you still ensure you’re fully prepared to impress your potential new employer!

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Tips for staying fit and healthy behind the wheel

Driving for a living is a hugely rewarding career, but it’s vital that drivers make sure they take care of themselves in this sometimes fast paced and pressured environment. Read our top tips below for staying fit and healthy on the road.

Eat well and often. With all those service stops, the opportunity for fast food is everywhere – not good for long distance driving! Eat a meal heavy in fibre and protein before you hit the road, and take plenty of healthy snacks with you to enjoy on your journey. Snacking in the right way has huge benefits, and will keep drivers well nourished, full of energy and in good spirits.

Think exercise. It’s so important that drivers find the time for exercising before driving and in breaks to the journey. Even a small amount of exercise will keep drivers in top shape and give a big boost to energy levels.

Keep it social. Driving for a living can sometimes be lonely, so keeping contact safely with friends and family via social media channels or by phone can ease the loneliness and keep up morale. Even using audio books or the radio to fill the silence can make all the difference.

Rest when you need to. Although those who drive for a living are well experienced in the art of driving, it is so important that drivers take a rest from the road regularly.

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Products to revolutionise your warehouse

Warehouses are busy places and quite simply there are products that your warehouse cannot do without. Make sure your warehouse is efficient by investing in some of these must have items.

Pallet Rack – What warehouse could do without one? Pallet racks maximise the vertical space of your warehouse, and makes storing your products more efficient than ever before. Also, with fewer items on the floor, your warehouse will not only be organised more efficiently, but it will be safer.

Wire Containers. There are countless benefits to using wire containers. Not only are they durable and stackable, offering a space saving solution, they also give you the advantage of being able to identify your products quickly.

Steel Shelving. An all purpose solution to any warehouse, steel shelving is a space saving must have for storage. They are strong and offer an efficient way to view your products quickly. They can be used in conjunction with other storage solutions or alone, and are usually easy to install.

Steel containers. Do you specialise in heavy duty items? Steel containers provide the safety your workers need against heavy items, are stackable and can stand the test of time when storing heavy duty items.

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Keep your Forklift working this winter

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, almost. Although perhaps not for forklifts – to avoid any sticky situations in your warehouse, take a look at our top tips on keeping your forklift working this winter.

Start at the heart. The cold weather can cause a drain on your forklift batteries, so make sure they’re regularly checked. Hydraulics can seize in the cold weather too, so make sure they are well lubricated at all times! Always remember to test the antifreeze levels too.

Is your forklift safe? Winter can cause slippery surfaces – make sure your tyres are well cared for and kept at the right pressure. The tread should be checked regularly to make sure you’ve got great grip! Additionally, fully functioning lights in darker days are vital to ensure everyone is kept safe – check them regularly.

Get everyone on board. Your team may need a few helpful reminders about operating a forklift in winter – Make sure everyone is aware of how to efficiently safety check their equipment and key safety measure to ensure there aren’t any accidents.

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What are the top skills employers are looking for?

When you’re job searching, it’s vital you demonstrate your skill sets, and how they match with the needs of your potential new employer. Whilst this can be varied, there are certain core skillsets every employer is seeking – here’s the skill sets you should be promoting and focussing on when job searching.

Leadership. You might not think that leadership skills are relevant to you if your role doesn’t include line management, but this isn’t the case. Leadership on projects and problem solving, demonstrating the ability to lead where required, is a must.

Problem Solving. Identifying problems is fine, but you need to demonstrate the skills to be able to solve problems and come up with solutions.

Personal skills. You need to be an effective communicator, able to build working relationships with colleagues and customers as required. Good communication is a must!

Motivation. Of course people are motivated to work according to salary, but employers want to see you’re motivated by other factors too, such as career progression and personal development.

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Working varied shifts? Make sure you take care of yourself with these top tips

In many industries today, given the nature of the world we live in, lots of people work on varied shift patterns. It can be tricky to balance at times, but with these top tips below you can make sure you stay well and happy managing flexible working patterns.

How are you getting to work? If you are working outside of “normal” working hours, think about how you are commuting to work. You might be too tired to drive, so consider public transport or sharing driving responsibilities with a co-worker. Leave yourself plenty of time to get to and from work.

Think carefully about sleep. Try to find a sleeping routine that works according to your shift patterns and stick to it. Make sure your environment is suitable for sleeping where possible.

What are you eating? Try to avoid fast food where possible – although it’s tempting! Try having regular light meals or snacks, and always reach for the fresh foods where possible, including fruit and veg.

What about the coffee? It can be tempting to use coffee to keep you going. Try not to overdo it on the caffeine; using stimulants such as coffee can be helpful in small doses, but make sure you’re not having too much.

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What makes a great supply chain?

It’s a demanding world out there these days. B2C and B2B customers both expect a world class service when it comes to delivery, and there’s no room for anything but the best with so much competition out there. So what makes a great supply chain?

Data is key. The best way to guarantee an efficient supply chain is to use data to ensure productivity. Using data can ensure organisations identify any inefficiencies quickly to ensure a swift resolution.

Check the supply. Having too much or too little of any product can have a damaging impact on any organisation.

Is your supply chain flexible? In today’s market, demands change frequently and a successful supply chain has the means to be flexible in delivery.

Go green! The best supply chains are those that care about sustainability for the planet, and are consistently investing in new ways to use renewable energy and source products from sustainable sources.

Be compliant. A successful supply chain must adhere to legislation and protect its workers at all times.

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