Is your vehicle overloaded?

If you drive for a living, you’ll understand that it can sometimes be a highly pressured position, with demand for fast delivery now higher than ever.

However, van overloading can be a huge risk the driver and other drivers on the road. And yet, 9 out of 10 vehicles were found by the DVSA to be overloaded and therefore a risk to themselves and others on the road.

Vehicle manufacturers are trying to respond to the risk as best they can, with early collision warning systems becoming ever more sophisticated.

Whilst manufacturers are investing into new and more advanced safety technology, these advances are almost redundant if drivers don’t comply with weight specifications. Companies must actively remind all drivers of the risk and ensure correct procedures are followed.

Smaller vans remain unregulated when it comes to load, so organisations must take responsibility and promote good practise.

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Should your return to a former employer?

It’s not often a situation most people come across, but from time to time job seekers might find themselves considering a return to a former employer. Is this ever a good idea? And how should you manage the situation?

Is it possible? We’d always recommend you leave any employer on good terms, and this is why. If you are considering a return to a former employer, you must have left without burning any bridges. If you left due to a family matter, career progression, relocation or education, there’s no reason why you can’t introduce yourself again.

Do your research. Things may have changed – or they may not have. It’s worth researching the organisation for information as if they were a new potential employer. Think of your experience with your former employer; sometimes the grass is greener on the other side, sometimes not.

What about your network? Has anyone else returned to the organisation that you know? Are there people still working there that you used to work with? Talk to them to find out more about the current situation.

Your return might be different. Be prepared for the fact that you could return to an employer without the same benefits you enjoyed previously. But equally, the benefits package might have improved since you left!

Returning to a former employer is an important decision, so take your time to do so!

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Transporting a forklift safely

Forklifts have a specific job – lifting and moving goods. They aren’t classed as vehicles so can’t be driven on roads for moving them from warehouse to warehouse. So what considerations do you need to make to transport your forklift safely?

Check dimensions! Not all forklifts are equal – if you want to transport your forklift before you look into transporters make sure you know the dimensions of your forklift and that it will fit in the transporter vehicle.

Safe and secure. Reverse your forklift onto the trailer and park it in the centre of the trailer to ensure balance. Use ratchets and chains to secure the forklift in place. And always check the fuel compartment is safe with no spillages!

Check you need to transport your forklift before you do it! The cost of transporting a forklift may be more expensive than hiring a forklift where you need it – so check your prices first!

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Tips for managing the interview panel

Interviews can be tough, but being interviewed by a panel can be even more daunting. How can you ensure you perform for your best for the panel?

Do you research! If you’re able to find out the names of those interviewing you, try to find out a little bit more about them and their role in the organisation. LinkedIn is the perfect tool for this type of research!

Prepare but don’t memorise. Preparing answers is fine, but don’t plan your answers word for word; it won’t seem natural to the panel and if you forget part of your answer you could struggle further into the interview.

Engage the panel. Even if one person is asking the questions, try to make eye contact and deliver your answers to everyone present.

Remember your body language! From the moment you step in the room you’ll be giving off signals; remember to smile and keep your shoulders back, and again be open to all of the members on the panel.

Remember the plus side. Although a panel of interviewers can be nerve-wracking, with more people meeting you at the first stage interview it’s likely a decision can be made quicker – which means no second stage interview!

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Why are SMEs so successful in logistics?

The logistics industry has never had more demands on it than now. With personalisation and a demand for an excellent customer experience non-negotiable, companies need to be more competitive than ever. And SMEs have the upper hand!

SMEs are able to be more agile than larger logistics organisations, and therefore can respond to gaps in the market quickly. This can be a significant advantage to smaller organisations in the supply chain.

By choosing a niche, SMEs are almost able to guarantee continued demand for their services, which in today’s turbulent market is hugely advantageous.

Given the desire by consumers to have an excellent customer experience, SMEs are in a much better position to offer a personalised touch to their customers – who in turn will tell their associates of the excellent service they received.

As new technology becomes more readily available, again the agile nature of SMEs means that they can take advantage of this new technology more easily than their larger counterparts and continue to improve their services.

It looks like in today’s industry it’s time for the SME to thrive!

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What are employers looking for on your CV?

Your CV is in most cases the first introduction you can make to potential new employers. It’s important therefore to get it right and stand out from the crowd. So what are employers looking for when it comes to your CV?

Make it clear. A CV should be no longer than 2 pages, and should be informative and concise when it comes to detailing your skills and experiences. Stick to the point!

Education v skills? Include your highest level of qualification, but also include a bullet point list of your skill sets – this will immediately tell an employer what you’re made of.

How does it look? Make sure the CV is formatted correctly, and use a font that is easy to read and professional.

Tailor your CV. Yes, it can seem a big task, but you should edit your CV according to each role you apply for – pointing out your key areas of expertise for the specific job you’re applying to.

For more tips on how to make your CV stand out, give us a call!

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Long distance lorry driving – know your stuff!

Long distance lorry driving is a rewarding career with excellent benefits. It can also be fast paced and busy, and learning how to manage large vehicles over long distances is key to a long and successful driving career. Here’s our top tips.

You’re bigger than everyone else! Spatial awareness if key when driving large vehicles – give other vehicles lots of space in front of you as heavy vehicles will take a longer time and distance to break effectively. When changing lanes, be aware of your many blind spots, diligently use your indicators and try to change lanes as little as possible – only when it’s necessary!

Look after yourself. Make sure you take your regular breaks every time, and make sure you are able to get enough sleep between trips. If you’re feeling too tired to drive, never risk it – stop the vehicle in a safe place and where possible aim to take a 15-20 minute power nap.

Maintain your vehicle. It’s important to have a basic understanding of vehicle maintenance just in case. Check your vehicle thoroughly before you start any long journey.

What are your top tips for long distance lorry driving?

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How to be more organised at work

Organisation is key when it comes to work, with the workplace today busier than ever. But how can you be more organised, and therefore more effective, at work? Take a look at our top tips.

Start a to-do list. If you feel overwhelmed by tasks and you don’t know where to start, a list is a great way to prioritise and give you the brain space to consider how to plan your day. It may not even be a list of everything you’ll need to do that day, but by listing your tasks you can work out what need doing today – and what can be done on another day.

Use your diary to plan your projects. Allocate time to each of your tasks in your diary so you know exactly how you’re going to complete your tasks and when.

Leave your phone alone! Sometimes when we’re trying to complete tasks we can get distracted by phonecalls and emails – Turn off your phone and your email if you need space to complete a task.

Delegate where required. It can sometimes feel easier to just get a job done yourself – but it’s not practical or efficient. Consider which of your tasks can be delegated to other members of the team.

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Why do I need a variety of forklifts?

Warehouses are busy places and forklifts are a must in this type of environment. There are several benefits to choosing a variety of forklifts for your fleet though – So why should you consider a variety of forklifts for your warehouse?

Up the efficiency! By having more than one type of forklift, every type of task in your warehouse can be efficiently completed, with a specific tool ready and waiting to complete the task at hand. By working more efficiently, productivity is sure to increase.

Make sure you’ve got a back up. If one of your forklifts stops working, it’s good to have a back up plan. With a variety of forklifts, you’ll have your pick of machines at the ready. With many forklift models offering multiple functions, chances are a faulty vehicle won’t hold you up for too long.

Ready for the challenge? Handling materials and working in a warehouse is full of unexpected challenges; if you have different types of forklifts at your disposal, you’ll have more options available to you to overcome any challenges ahead.

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Tattoos, piercings and careers

It’s a question that many job seekers have had to face – Do tattoos and piercings reduce your chances of advancement in your career?

The short answer is it really does depend on the hiring manager, recruiter and the requirements of the job.

For some jobs, if you’re not customer facing, you are likely to find hiring managers are more flexible in terms of your appearance (to a certain extent). The main concern for employers is the impression of their organisation given by their employees.

It may also depend on the extent of your tattoos or piercings. If your tattoos are easily covered up, for example, then it’s unlikely you’ll face any objections. However, if you are heavily tattooed, you may find more challenges ahead.

If you have concerns when looking for a new job, do your research into the company culture before your interview. At least that way you’ll have an understanding of what the employers find acceptable!

Realistically, the vast majority of employers will assess your abilities and skills sets – So don’t let your piercings and tattoos hold you back!

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