You know you work in a warehouse when…

Here at Flexistaff over the years we have supported countless warehouse operatives in finding new work. Working in a warehouse is fast paced and hard work and a hugely important role in any supply chain. We also know the quirks of working in warehouse…so here’s a few, just for fun!

You know you work in a warehouse when…

You can instantly name an item by the stock code, even if you don’t know what it is

You sometimes find yourself having more conversations with the stock and equipment than your team mates

You can tell the pallet jacks apart, and have a favourite

Conversation and working go hand in hand and you can do both with ease

No one but you knows how to pack a box correctly

You crush cardboard boxes before throwing them out, in every part of your life

The hand cart belongs to you, and others must ask permission to use it. No excuses.

Like any job, working in a warehouse doesn’t come without it’s quirks, and we salute our hard working warehouse operatives! What other quirks have you noticed whilst working in a warehouse?

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