Stay fit and healthy on your next work shift

If you work for an organisation operating 24 hours a day, it’s likely you’ll find yourself working different shifts each week. Shift work can be challenging and it’s vital you stay fit and healthy. Here’s how.

Think about your food. Smaller, more frequent meals will ensure that you remain well energised, and by preparing your meals before your shift and bringing your own food to work you can ensure you make healthy choices, boosting your energy and ensuring you’re more effective and feeling well whilst at work.

What are you drinking? It can be tempting to rely on coffee to get you through the final hours of your shift, however if you do you might find it difficult to wind down once you’re home. It’s best to stick to drinking water, to make sure you remain hydrated.

To exercise or not to exercise? It’s important that you take proper breaks whilst working, and you should make sure you sit whilst you are eating. When you’re not eating, light exercise on breaks can be beneficial to a healthy body and mind; take a walk outside during your break and enjoy the fresh air!

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