Is your warehouse prepared for an injury?

The warehouse is a busy, fast paced environment, and mistakes can happen at any time. Injuries will happen, but it’s vital that you prepare to avoid any injuries and you’re ready with the best response when someone has an accident. Here’s our top tips.

Make sure your team is protected. The best way to manage an injury is to avoid one! Make sure everyone has the correct protective equipment according to their role and adheres to the company health and safety procedures at all times. Is everyone aware of health and safety? Make sure everyone has the correct training!

Is your warehouse well equipped? Make sure there’s enough first aid equipment accessible across the warehouse for if the time comes. Additionally, emergency equipment should be available and regularly inspected – make sure your warehouse is ready for an emergency with fire extinguishers and other necessary emergency equipment.

Get planning! Make sure your warehouse has a clear procedure for when things go wrong, and make sure it is well known and rehearsed by everyone in the team. It’s vital that when the time comes people are prepared!

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