Driving Offences: What you need to know

If you drive for a living, your licence is of utmost importance, and driving offences can complicate matters. Here’s everything you need to know about what to do if you have or acquire a driving offence if you drive for a living.

What driving offence? There are a wide number of driving endorsements a driver can receive at any time, with the most common types of offences including speeding and driving through red lights. Adhere to the law at all times when driving; the best solution is to avoid getting any endorsements in the first place!

Be honest. If you drive for a living, it’s temping to lie about any endorsements – it’s vitally important that you be honest at all times. Lies could lead to insurance policies being invalidated which could have grave consequences. Plus it’s pointless; many companies can run checks on your licence and any endorsements will be revealed.

What does this mean? A driving offence doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t drive for a living any longer. Many organisations will take on drivers with limited or mild offences, depending on the circumstances, so keep applying – and always declare it!

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