Get noticed for your next promotion

Are you seeking a promotion at work, but just can’t seem to catch a break? With working life usually being pretty busy, it might seem that your efforts aren’t being recognised – here’s how to stand out from the crowd and line yourself up for your next promotion.

Keep an eye on the time. Punctuality is a must – always be on time for work, and if possible, why not event try to arrive early – show you’re keen and ready to work! You’re not expected to start early and work late every day, but show willing to go the extra mile when you’re most needed.

Be collaborative. Team work makes the dream work! Make it your business to support others in the team, and offer your help wherever it’s most needed. And make sure you prioritise your own tasks too!

Get proactive! Don’t restrict your work to the bare minimum – take on extra manageable work, show willing to try new projects, and go above and beyond when tight deadlines must be met.

Talk about your future. Have a clear open dialogue with your line manager, be clear you want to progress and ask for goals or targets.

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