Make your warehouse eco friendly

Climate change is a huge issue for all of us, and we’ve all got to do our bit to protect the planet. So it’s time to start thinking – is your warehouse eco-friendly? Here’s our tops tips for going green in the warehouse, and at the same time improving your efficiency.

Go LED. LED lightbulbs require less electricity and therefore they are definitely greener, plus despite the upfront cost being a little bit higher, LED bulbs last much longer than the traditional halogens.

Check your packaging. It’s vital that your warehouse is using packaging that can be recycled – if not, your warehouse can create a lot of waste very quickly. It’s worth checking how much packaging you’re using to transport materials – some of it may not be necessary, therefore getting rid of it can be eco-friendly and more efficient.

It’s time to insulate. Proper insulation in your warehouse means that the temperature is more consistent throughout the year for your team, plus it will reduce the cost of your energy bills.

Get recycling! Make sure your team understand how to use the recycling facilities properly and ensure everyone recycles what they can!

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