Fuel saving tips for LGV drivers

Fuel continues to be a huge expense in the logistics sector, and as such it’s vital that LGV drivers remember to consider fuel efficiency when driving. Here’s our top tips!

Have you got cruise control? Cruise control is becoming more and more standard in LGVs, and for a good reason – computers can calculate correct speeds and efficient fuel consumption better than any human. So make good use of it!

Are you block changing? By block changing gears, say from second to forth gear, rather than working up through the gears, you’re absolutely improving your fuel efficiency – so make sure you’re block changing where safe and possible to do so!

Is your engine STILL running? Turn your engine off if you’re not moving anywhere – even if you’re trying to stay warm with the heating on! You’re eating up more fuel than you realise!

Are you feeling resistance? Fuel efficiency in LGVs in particular can suffer from resistance – there are easy ways to combat this, such as plotting less hilly routs for LGVs where possible.

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