The issues still facing haulage and logistics in 2022

Last year saw widespread reports of a shortage of HGV drivers alongside a multitude of other challenges facing logistics and haulage. And whilst the government has stepped in and tried to alleviate some of the pressures facing the sector, we’re still facing challenges this year.

The good news is that government intervention has led to a reduction in the driver shortage, with new drivers joining the sector over the last few months. But given an ongoing lack of investment in facilities and conditions, there are concerns that those that have entered the sector afresh may not stay for the long haul. Factors such as high pay and free training will have an impact on whether drivers both continue to join the sector and stay on.

The reports detailing the driving shortage last year highlighted the need for more investment in HGV driver facilities, with the government announcing £50m of funding to improve HGV driver’s parking and rest areas. But how long will it take for the announcement to become a reality for drivers? This could be a crucial development to stopping increased pressures on the sector later on this year.

We’re not out of the woods yet – whilst government intervention is welcome drivers and haulage organisations will be looking for swift changes to make sure the pressures on logistics don’t get worse.

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