Creating Community in the Warehouse

It’s true, working in a warehouse can be fast paced and highly pressured at times. However, by creating a culture of community in the warehouse, many of these challenges can easily be overcome, leaving the warehouse workforce motivated and feeling supported. So how can you create a community feeling in your warehouse?

It’s all about communication. Good communication is key for any warehouse, and it must be available across all channels, according to the preferences of the workforce. Good communication will make everyone feel well supported and informed, and will encourage friendships and collaborative working.

Share the responsibility. When you feel responsible, you go the extra mile. By encouraging a culture of responsibility and accountability, warehouse workers feel motivated to think beyond their current project. And in a team, people will naturally support one another to take on joint responsibilities.

Champion best practise. When something is done well, it should be promoted and celebrated. By documenting best practise, employees feel empowered in their roles, especially when they are new to the organisation. And with clear best practise, people can easily support one another to be better!

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