Forklift Truck Safety Tips

Warehouses are predominantly busy places, and operating a forklift presents a number of safety precautions to consider. To ensure you’re safe when operating a forklift, take a look at our top tips below.

Who’s about? Pedestrians can present a number of difficulties when operating a forklift. Employees should ensure they all wear high visibility clothing. When driving a forklift, you should maintain a safe distance from pedestrians. All employees should be alert and aware of forklifts.

Are you driving safely? Ensure your forklift isn’t overloaded and ensure you drive to the correct speed limit to avoid any accidents.

What about the workplace? Forklifts should have designated areas for driving in, which should always be well lit and clear of any stored items. Drivers should be cautious when approaching corners or narrow areas.

Is it well maintained? Forklift operators should ensure their equipment is well maintained at all times – Read our earlier blog for advice on keeping your forklift in top shape!

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