Avoid these common warehouse injuries!

Warehouses are busy places and at all times there are opportunities for accidents to happen. It’s important that any warehouse has robust safety policy in place, especially when operating forklifts. In this blog we’ll outline the most common accidents and injuries in the warehouse – and how to avoid them!

Watch out for pedestrians! Safety measures can only go so far if pedestrians or forklift operators are distracted; Designated warehouse routes, hands free equipment and warning lights and sounds can all help to avoid any collisions.

Is your pathway clear? A warehouse must be kept tidy at all times; with operatives carrying goods here there and everywhere falls and trips over discarded materials can be a huge risk. The easiest way to avoid these injuries to make sure everyone tidies up after themselves!

Crushing can also be a risk. Heavy machinery such as forklifts can become unbalanced and crushing can result if forklifts tip over. Drivers should brace themselves for impact if in a forklift that is tipping over, rather than jump out of the falling vehicle.

Watch your back! Lifting and carrying can be a big part of warehouse work, and it’s vital that operatives lift heavy goods in a way that is safe, to avoid long term back problems. The trick is to bend your knees!

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