Know Your Manual Handling

Good manual handling is incredibly important, particularly in more physical roles, to ensure good health. It’s easy to get it wrong and cause permanent damage to yourself; here’s our top tips for good manual handling practise.

Plan it in advance. Don’t just go straight in there! Check if there’s any obstructions and plan where you are going to move the load before you start moving it, making sure your route is clear and appropriate.

Think about your feet and posture. Make sure your feet are spaced apart to ensure good balance. Is the ground beneath you even? Make sure your stance is comfortable. You may need to move your feet during the lift to maintain a good posture.

Keep a tight grip! We recommend a hook lift rather than keeping your fingers flat for a less strenuous lift. The lift should be smooth; hug the load close to your body to avoid any straining. Just the load after you’ve put it down rather than risking an injury.

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