What do employees most want from their job?

People’s motivations at work can be varied and complex, and when considering motivations, employers should be aware of what motivates employees and makes them loyal. Here’s a few top motivators for today’s workforce.

Getting the balance right is key. Quality of life is important, for well being and good mental health, and people want to feel they aren’t being pressured into staying late at work. Encourage everyone to work their contracted hours only.

Encourage healthy relationships. It’s the people that make it worthwhile – people like to work in strong, motivated and positive teams, and should be encouraged to form friendships and be comfortable with their colleagues.

It’s all about praise. It’s easy to forget to praise good work, but it’s vital you do – a “well done” and a “thank you” goes a long way and boosts people’s confidence and motivation, plus those around them.

What about salary? You may think that a good salary is the most important thing to people – yes, the money’s got to be right, but even if people are being paid over the odds, if they don’t feel job satisfaction they’re likely to move on in the end.

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