What should you wear to your next interview?

Interviews are the gateway to a new opportunity – and it’s important to make a good impression. One thing you need to consider carefully is what to wear to your next interview. So what should you wear to your next interview to stand out and make a good impression?

Find out first. There’s no harm in asking the person arranging the interview what the dress code is for the interview in question – if you arrive to the interview in a suit but everyone else is in their warehouse kit you might feel a bit out of place! Asking for guidance on this is perfectly fine.

Does it match? Stick to a maximum of two to three different colours and consider things like your bag, umbrella, your coat – they are all part of your ensemble and where possible should also compliment a cohesive look.

Where what you already own. The danger of buying something new for an interview is that it may not fit, or look and feel right! Where clothes you feel confident and comfortable in.

Prepare in advance! Make sure your chosen clothes are washed and ironed well before the big day. The (not so) secret to success is preparation!

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