How can you encourage equality in the workplace?

We are lucky enough to live in an equal and diverse community, and it’s really important to make sure our workplaces reflect those values. Equality and diversity must be top priorities for any and all organisations – but how can you encourage equality and diversity in your organisation?

Start from day one – hiring. Make sure the wording in your job descriptions doesn’t discriminate or use stereotypical language. Also, removing the names of candidates from CVs so you’re assessing as person purely on their skills can be a helpful way to encourage equality and banish any unconscious bias.

Make equality and diversity everyone’s business. It’s vital that you create a working environment where people feel they can speak out if they have concerns – it’s incredibly important that everyone feels listened to and respected.

Bring other voices in! Lead from the front, but make sure that the organisation hears from other people external to the organisation about equality and diversity. Encouraging other viewpoints and other voices will encourage people to engage with this very important issue.

Flexistaff cares passionately about encouraging an equal and diverse working environment, both within our own organisation and supporting our clients.

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