Transporting a forklift safely

Forklifts have a specific job – lifting and moving goods. They aren’t classed as vehicles so can’t be driven on roads for moving them from warehouse to warehouse. So what considerations do you need to make to transport your forklift safely?

Check dimensions! Not all forklifts are equal – if you want to transport your forklift before you look into transporters make sure you know the dimensions of your forklift and that it will fit in the transporter vehicle.

Safe and secure. Reverse your forklift onto the trailer and park it in the centre of the trailer to ensure balance. Use ratchets and chains to secure the forklift in place. And always check the fuel compartment is safe with no spillages!

Check you need to transport your forklift before you do it! The cost of transporting a forklift may be more expensive than hiring a forklift where you need it – so check your prices first!

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