Long distance lorry driving – know your stuff!

Long distance lorry driving is a rewarding career with excellent benefits. It can also be fast paced and busy, and learning how to manage large vehicles over long distances is key to a long and successful driving career. Here’s our top tips.

You’re bigger than everyone else! Spatial awareness if key when driving large vehicles – give other vehicles lots of space in front of you as heavy vehicles will take a longer time and distance to break effectively. When changing lanes, be aware of your many blind spots, diligently use your indicators and try to change lanes as little as possible – only when it’s necessary!

Look after yourself. Make sure you take your regular breaks every time, and make sure you are able to get enough sleep between trips. If you’re feeling too tired to drive, never risk it – stop the vehicle in a safe place and where possible aim to take a 15-20 minute power nap.

Maintain your vehicle. It’s important to have a basic understanding of vehicle maintenance just in case. Check your vehicle thoroughly before you start any long journey.

What are your top tips for long distance lorry driving?

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