Tattoos, piercings and careers

It’s a question that many job seekers have had to face – Do tattoos and piercings reduce your chances of advancement in your career?

The short answer is it really does depend on the hiring manager, recruiter and the requirements of the job.

For some jobs, if you’re not customer facing, you are likely to find hiring managers are more flexible in terms of your appearance (to a certain extent). The main concern for employers is the impression of their organisation given by their employees.

It may also depend on the extent of your tattoos or piercings. If your tattoos are easily covered up, for example, then it’s unlikely you’ll face any objections. However, if you are heavily tattooed, you may find more challenges ahead.

If you have concerns when looking for a new job, do your research into the company culture before your interview. At least that way you’ll have an understanding of what the employers find acceptable!

Realistically, the vast majority of employers will assess your abilities and skills sets – So don’t let your piercings and tattoos hold you back!

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