When should you use a forklift safety cage?

We all know that forklifts are designed to lift objects, not people. But in some cases, forklift can provide a temporary platform or stairs if required – and to make it safe it’s vital you use a forklift safety cage. But when should you use it?

Forklift safety cages should be used only in certain situations. It’s possible to use a safety cage when you need to carry out emergency repairs or for non-routine maintenance. In some cases it may even be safer to use a forklift rather than more traditional methods like scaffolding, and it may be the best option when specialist support is not available.

Most importantly, when using forklift safety cages you must have full training and be aware of all health and safety considerations. Even if you’ve had training  before, this training must be refresh on a periodic basis. Be aware of the load limit and make sure you communicate effectively with your team at all times. Proper protective workwear is an absolute must.

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