Organising your multi drop route this Christmas

When it comes to multi drop driving roles, efficiency and timing is key to keeping customers happy. Especially at Christmas! Therefore, it’s vital that the route of the delivery driver is well managed and planned.

These days there are a number of software options companies can use to streamline their processes. It’s worth investing in these; with multiple vehicles tasked with multiple drops, rerouting and rescheduling technology can make a huge difference to cost and efficiency.

Routing software can plan the best routes for drivers, ensuring that travel times, distances and fuel costs are kept to an absolute minimum. Each journey may only save the organisation a few pennies, but over years this can make a significant difference to profits.

Another plus point with routing software is the communication. Today’s customer is demanding; eCommerce has meant that customers expect good communication and an excellent service every time. Routing software has the capability of keeping your customer in the loop about their delivery at all times.

So why don’t you invest and make your multi drops efficient this Christmas?

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