How can you find your ideal job in 2022?

So it’s nearly here! It’s almost 2022 and some will be using the time between Christmas and New Year for updating their CV ahead of a brand new job search for the New Year – if you haven’t started about your job search for the new year already! So how can you make sure you find your ideal job in 2022?

Get motivated! It’s time to decide where your passion lies when it comes to work. Aim high; now’s the time to make a fresh start, so make it count and decide what type of job you want for 2022 – and beyond!

Is it really all about the money? If you can, try not to make money your main motivator in 2022. By focussing purely on the salary you’re after, you may miss an opportunity that’s just right for you, or worse still, end up in a role that makes you unhappy.

Get networking. It’s time to make contact again with recruiters (like yours truly!) to find out about market trends and to be kept up to date with new opportunities. Think about contacting people and making new connections via social media too.

Be brave! Looking for a new job can be a big step and it can be a difficult decision, so think carefully, and take a leap of faith when you’re sure. It’s just the beginning of an exciting new adventure!

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