How to handle the group interview

Interviews are tough, and group interviews can often be even more nerve wracking, with your possible competition right there in the room with you! Here’s our top tips for how to handle the group interview stage to come out on top.

Start as you mean to go on and arrive early. Make a good impression and make sure you’re one of the first people to arrive. Prepare questions in advance of the interview, as well as a short introduction of yourself for the benefit of the rest of the group, to prepare for the inevitable ice breaker…

Treat other interviewees with respect. Aim to be inclusive and collaborative as appropriate – talking over people or getting lost in the group won’t earn you any points. Show respect but don’t become too informal with other interviewees – remain professional at all times!

Be aware of yourself. Remind yourself to pay attention to your body language – sit up straight, make eye contact and remain alert at all times. Losing concentration in a group interview can be dangerous – take notes and stay engaged at all times.

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