It’s an exciting time for the logistics and warehousing sector. Demand for timely delivery is higher than ever, and supply chains are having to become more efficient than ever. And with all this growth in technology, the future of warehousing is looking bright. So what will the warehouse of the future look like?

Put simply, the answer is robots. Not like the robots in the movies, probably, but the advancement of robotics means the future for warehousing could be very different.

With demand on the supply chain so high, companies are investing in new and innovative technology. And AI is playing a big role in that.

Advances in technology mean that robots designed for picking and packing activities are becoming more of a reality. There’s the distinct possibility that robots could support employees by taking on the heavy workload of the warehouse sector, whilst employees concentrate on more complex and less physically demanding work.

Whilst this concept may have workers concerned about their future prospects, they shouldn’t fear – Advancements in technology are designed to support employee work, not replace it!

What do you think the warehouse of the future will look like?

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