How to conduct a Forklift inspection

If you work in a fast paced, busy warehouse environment, you’ll be used to working with forklifts. But are you clued up when it comes to inspection guidelines as per the Occupational Safety and Health Administration? Here’s what you need to remember.

Why do I need to inspect my forklift? It’s important that forklifts are inspected regularly to ensure everyone is safe when working in the warehouse environment. If operated without inspection, workers and the company are put a risk.

When does the vehicle need to be inspected? At least daily checks are required, or at the end of each working shift if the equipment is being used 24/7. Checks must be conducted by a certified forklift operator.

What does the inspection involve? Start with a visual check, check fluid levels and tyre pressure before taking a look for any leaks or damage. Check the brakes, horn and safety equipment is all in good working order. A daily checklist for staff to fill in will work wonders!

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