Delivery and van drivers are in high demand these days. It’s a secure and rewarding career path, but like any job, can pose its own challenges. In what can sometimes be a fast paced and pressured role, how can you make sure you stay safe when driving your van?

Take your time. Allow plenty of time for your journeys, allow for any breakdowns or potential traffic. Being late to an appointment or drop off is only going to make things more pressured, so start early!

Check your vehicle. A quick and easy check of the tyres, water, lights and fuel can save a lot of heartache down the line!

Check your position. You’ll potentially be sat behind the wheel for a long time each day, so make sure your driving position is correct to avoid any long term injuries.

Watch the heavy load! Make sure you lift everything correctly, making sure your back is straight and there are no obstacles when lifting goods.

Rest if you need to. You should never drive whilst tired; do everything you can to ensure a fitful sleep before you drive and stay off the road if you feel too tired to get behind the wheel.

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