How to be an effective Picker and Packer

When picking and packing in any warehouse environment it’s important to try and get it right as much as possible. Yes, mistakes can happen, but there are a few ways you can make sure you are your team are as effective as possible, therefore saving you time and energy in the future. Here’s how.

Are you getting a lot of returns? Chances are if that’s the case, mistakes are being made. It’s worth checking your data to see the scale of the issue, if any.

What does everyone else think? It’s worth hearing the opinions of other picker and packers on processes, to see if they have any ideas of how things can be improved.

When did you last review your process? It’s healthy to review how things are done in the warehouse often, to see if there’s another way of improving your efficiency.

Don’t underestimate your small items! Smaller items are more easily lost, forgotten or dropped when picking and packing – Perhaps everyone would benefit from extra training on handing small items?

Take breaks! Regular breaks will ensure you are more effective when picking and packing.

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