How can you improve the safety of your warehouse?

Safety in the warehouse has to be the top priority for any organisation. Warehouses are busy, fast paced environments, and accidents can happen – so prevention is key! Here’s our suggestions for making sure your warehouse is as safe as possible.

Start with your equipment. Make sure everyone knows how to use any and all equipment, and that only those authorised are using equipment where required. Consider fitting bumpers to racking and other areas of the warehouse to avoid damage.

Think PPE. And we don’t just mean face masks! Make sure the team have access to all of the protective workwear they need at all times, and ensure staff are trained to know what equipment they should be using.

Think about the shelving. Make sure the team are distributing weight evenly across racking and ensure any damaged or broken shelving is repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Keep up to date with training and reminders. Make sure everyone knows the safety procedures – offer regular training and refresher sessions. Between training sessions lots of helpful signage will guide the team too!

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