Explaining a gap in your CV

There are countless reasons why someone might take a gap in their employment, and simply sometimes things just don’t go to plan. However, job seekers should be prepared to answer questions about any gap in their employment – here’s our top tips to explain a gap in your employment history.

Honesty is the best policy. Trying to hide a gap by extending your previous employment can be risky – there’s nothing to stop a hiring manager checking dates with your previous employer, which could lead to some difficult questions. Depending on the situation you don’t need to give lots of detail, but in the long run employers will respect your honesty.

Make the most out of your CV. Depending on the nature of the gap to your employment, you could reference the gap outside of your employment history, or use your cover note to add more specific detail which may avoid any further questions later down the line.

Avoid gaps full stop. If you’re struggling to find work, try to be proactive – find opportunities for new learning or for taking on voluntary roles whilst you job search – not only will you be keeping active you’ll be developing your experience and you may even find a new job along the way!

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