Drive Safely in the Snow

It’s that time of year where most of us across the country are expecting a wintry snap. Snow can cause hugely hazardous conditions, and it’s even more important for LGV and HGV drivers to be fully prepared – here’s our top tips.

Make sure you are prepared. It’s important to make sure you’re ready to face any challenge – we recommend preparing by taking along de-icers, jump leads, salt, a torch, a blanket and extra coat. Make sure you have plenty of fuel at all times.

Keep up to date on conditions. Keep an eye on the latest weather reports where possible – Just keeping an ear to the radio is enough to know if conditions are about to get worse.

Drive safely and smoothly. Take your time, slow down, and allow plenty of extra space between you and other vehicles. Try to maintain a consistent speed and don’t make any sudden moves!

Make sure you inspect your lorry thoroughly. Before making a hazardous journey it’s vital you make some basic checks to ensure your vehicle is road worthy. Check the tyres and lights are in top working condition and not covered in snow. Check your fluid levels and battery too.

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