How to be an effective delivery driver this Christmas

The festive season is once again upon us and this Christmas, more than ever, there’s a huge demand for delivery drivers. A fast paced and important role, it’s so important that delivery drivers are efficient and effective when going about their deliveries – here’s our top tips to be an effective delivery driver.

Let’s start with the driving. Delivery drivers must have excellent driving experience and skills, with a good driving record and correct licence. If you’re working in a specific area, get to know the location and keep up to date with any roadworks or changes.

Communication is key. Whilst much of your day will be spent on the road alone, excellent communication skills are a must. Whether it’s communicating with your head office, or answering queries and concerns by customers, always be clear and go the extra mile when trying to communicate.

Keep an eye on the details. Being aware of traffic trends or disruptions that could cause a delay. Also pay attention to your vehicle – any changes in handling or sounds could indicate trouble down the line, so get it checked out!

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