What perks do employees really want?

Many organisations offer a package of employee benefits to their workers, offering a wide range of different perks. But what are the benefits that really make workers tick?

It’s clear that perks make a difference. Yes, many employees seek a good salary that pays the bills, but jobs that come with exclusive benefits do make a difference to employee happiness and motivation.

Free tea and coffee is a simple benefit that is hugely popular amongst employees. Other popular benefits include casual dress codes and shopping discounts.

From recent research, it was found that 1 in 5 employees receive no employee perks at all, demonstrating that even though perks are found to keep workers motivated and loyal many companies still don’t offer any.

Good and accessible employee benefits schemes can make a huge difference to an organisation. A company that has a motivated and positive workforce naturally becomes more effective, productive and profitable. So it pays to look after employees!

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