Why do daily checks matter for forklifts?

Keeping your forklift in top shape is important. But to some, daily checks of equipment can feel like a bit too much. Don’t be one of those people! Daily checks are hugely important – Here’s why.

There are two main aims of daily checks – safety and maintenance.

Skipping your daily checks, even if it costs you lots of time, is a false economy. If you don’t conduct daily checks  and therefore miss catastrophic problems with your forklift, you could find yourself on a member of your team in trouble. Damaged or broken forklifts can lead to accidents and in the long term larger repair bills or replacement costs.

A simple daily check of your equipment can prevent a lot of pain in the future.

Follow your forklift manufacturers instructions for conducting an effective daily check. Each model is different so make sure you attend to your forklift according to the needs of the manufacturer.

Most importantly, you must insist on regular training. It may feel unnecessary to some who have already experienced forklift training, but refreshers and reminders are vital to ensuring success, especially as best practise can be updated at any time.

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