How to be more organised at work

Organisation is key when it comes to work, with the workplace today busier than ever. But how can you be more organised, and therefore more effective, at work? Take a look at our top tips.

Start a to-do list. If you feel overwhelmed by tasks and you don’t know where to start, a list is a great way to prioritise and give you the brain space to consider how to plan your day. It may not even be a list of everything you’ll need to do that day, but by listing your tasks you can work out what need doing today – and what can be done on another day.

Use your diary to plan your projects. Allocate time to each of your tasks in your diary so you know exactly how you’re going to complete your tasks and when.

Leave your phone alone! Sometimes when we’re trying to complete tasks we can get distracted by phonecalls and emails – Turn off your phone and your email if you need space to complete a task.

Delegate where required. It can sometimes feel easier to just get a job done yourself – but it’s not practical or efficient. Consider which of your tasks can be delegated to other members of the team.

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