The risks of poor manual handling

When it’s busy in your workplace, it’s easy to forget health and safety and lift items without following proper manual handling procedure – We’ve all done it! But realistically, it can be very dangerous to forget these regulations – here’s why.

Immediate injury is possible. You could pull a muscle or suffer with bruises or cuts – These injuries may not seem too terrible, but over time and on multiple occasions this can get wearing.

Things can get worse over time. If you repeatedly lift heavy items incorrectly, you could cause permanent damage to your muscles or ligaments, which can cause suffering in the future.

Don’t forget your mental health too. Injuries that cause pain or inconvenience over a long period of time can affect your mental health as you struggle to perform properly at work.

What can you do? If you are suffering with any of the above complications, speak toy our line manager and make sure you attend refresher training in manual handling. It is important that you always adhere to safe lifting practises to avoid any of the above injuries.

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